Wealth Academy Review

Wealth Academy Review


What Is Wealth Academy?

Wealth Academy is an online marketing education and opportunity website that offers specialized training in MLM and affiliate marketing strategies and techniques. Wealth Academy Review

Wealth Academy is owned and maintained by Shaqir Hussyin, a 27-year-old internet entrepreneur that has risen to fame due to his wild success as an internet marketer. Hussyin is young, charismatic, and incredibly rich, having made a multi-million dollar fortune through MLM internet sales.

Hussyin founded Wealth Academy to teach others the techniques and strategies he used so successfully to create his own fortune. Wealth Academy 

The Product

There are a wide range of products and services that Wealth Academy offers to fledgling internet marketers looking to grow their own business. These range from free digital products and webinars to low-cost ones with “tripwire”-style upsells to exclusive services that can cost as much as $40,000. Wealth Academy Scam

The Opportunity

The products and services that Wealth Academy provides to prospective internet marketing students are all designed with an eye towards increasing your ability to be successful in MLM or affiliate marketing. Wealth Academy Review

These online courses and digital products represent an opportunity to invest in yourself and your own abilities.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a direct income opportunity from Wealth Academy, there is a free affiliate program that entitles members to 50 percent commission on digital products and 20 percent commission on services.

With many of Wealth Academy’s products and services being several thousand dollars each in price, this represents a strong income opportunity indeed. Wealth Academy Program

wealth academy review


Wealth Academy offers excellent commission rates, especially considering that many of its flagship products carry such a high price tag. Wealth Academy Scam

The “Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle” service alone , a 12-month intensive one-on-one coaching program, is $40,000, leading to a commission of $8,000 from a single sale. Wealth Academy Download

Of course the trick is to find someone willing to spend $40,000 on such high-level, high-intensity internet marketing training. The same goes for finding individuals interested in any of Wealth Academy’s products and services.

It’s no coincidence that Wealth Academy sells courses and tools to make you a better affiliate marketer.

The natural progression being sold here is to begin with the low-cost or free Wealth Academy courses, then invest deeper into the programs through upsells and more expensive training materials until you feel confident in your ability to convince others to purchase the products and services in turn, funneling referrals to the company to earn commissions that will then end up being paid back to the company to purchase more training of ever-increasing expense. Wealth Academy Review

This was not done by accident.

Shaqir Hussyin didn’t stumble into becoming a multi-millionaire by selling toothbrushes door-to-door – he made his millions by selling products and services to people who then sold those products and services in turn to others in an ever-widening pyramid of referrals and commissions. Wealth Academy PDF

Eventually these systems reach a saturation point and need to be abandoned for a new business opportunity.

This is of course why most MLM internet entrepreneurs will pinball across the online marketing landscape from one opportunity to another until each of these opportunities reaches a high-water mark before moving on.

However, with Wealth Academy, Hussyin is committed to creating new and innovative products and services on a regular basis in order to keep his customers (who also largely become his affiliates) happily purchasing and then re-selling to others. Wealth Academy Scam

If this sounds appealing to you – and you can hold back from going too deep down the rabbit hole by funneling any affiliate commissions back into Wealth Academy for “advanced training,” you will be likely to make a decent income from affiliate sales – provided you market them effectively.

Individuals hungry for success of their own will flock to Hussyin due to his high-profile status, which will make it easier to market Wealth Academy to others, but the longevity of the opportunity depends on how unique and innovative Hussyin’s products remain. Wealth Academy Review

If you feel you can handle the heat, then step into the Wealth Academy kitchen. Just keep in mind what you’re getting yourself into. Wealth Academy 

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Wealth Academy Review

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