The Ultimate Pullup Program

What Is Ultimate Pull-Up Program?

Ultimate Pull-Up Program was released by Shawna Kaminski – a 49 year old former teacher, who is super strong compared to others at her age. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is a guaranteed workout plan for women that will help you become a truly pull-up machine. So you will get an almost immediately and noticeably improvement in your own pull-up count. Moreover, your body will also look awesome! There is no other exercise in the current market is as potent and as awe inspiring as this system. The author will show you how to perform your first pull-up or add another 10 to what you are doing now. Pull-ups is the best workout for delivering the whole body transformation results. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is not only going to improve your pull-up count, but also give you a stronger, leaner, and sexier version.

If you can commit to 3 hard workouts within a week, the author guarantees that these strength training workouts will make you look and feel better about yourself almost instantly.

How Does The Ultimate Pullup Program Works?

The Ultimate Pull-up Program works better in solving issues for both beginners and excelling elites. The four training phases provide access to an unprecedented amount of programming which is designed explicitly for mastering pull-ups. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to pull-ups or you’d struggled in the past. Meghan shows the holistic approach to the movement where she addresses many factors that go into pull-up performance. The total return includes the upper body strength and mobility which helps in lowering body strength and others. Each phase will last for four to eight weeks whereby performing each stage you will witness a vast improvement in your body. Here, I’ve explained you about the four phases of The Ultimate Pullup program:

  • Phase 1: Band Assisted Pull-Ups – The exercise given in this phase helps in working on your pull up techniques and owning the right body position.
  • Phase 2: Machine Assisted Pull-Ups – This phase is the band assisted pull-up, where your body is doing even less work than in the group, supported by pull-ups. In this stage, you will go up to the machine where you can select the weight you want and put your knees in the correct position
  • Phase 3: Bodyweight Rows/Australian Pull-Ups – Here, you will find out the horizontal path rather than the vertical ones which are not technically pull-ups. A small part of your pull-up training program is about better off by investing most of your time and energy.
  • Phase 4: Lat Pull-Downs – this the last phase is probably the least specific of all since the exercises here relate to your pull-up progress.

The Ultimate Pullup program


  • This program helps you to get stronger than before.
  • It enables you to do more pull-ups.
  • This program also helps in performing many other pull-up regressions.
  • Every pull-up technique given in this program is beneficial.
  • It improves your upper body strength explicitly.
  • The Ultimate Pull-up Program helps in figuring out how to perform the exercise correctly.
  • The physical strength will match your mental toughness.


  • There is no offline availability.
  • The Ultimate Pullup Program is not suitable for lazy people.

Bonus Section:

  • The Eleven Best Pull-up Variations for Continued Progress


Finally, I’m happy to share my thoughts about The Ultimate Pull-up Program. I want you to experience the same feelings and results. The phases shown in this program, help you to improve your pull-up form. This program is incredibly empowering and makes your body feel impressive. I’m sure that you will get compliments from other women at the gym! It makes every woman achieve their goal by making them active by performing pull-ups.

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Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Remarks: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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